Make your song go viral on TikTok!

We collaborate with the most followed TikTokers. We have access to a network of TikTokers who will use your song in their videos.

How we will work together

TikTok is definitely the platform of the moment and if you are reading these lines, it means that you too, like many artists, want to understand how to promote and make your song go viral on this new social media.

What do Jason De Rulo’s – Savage Love, Boney M – Rasputin or Fleetwood Mac – Dreams have in common?

Apparently nothing, except to have gone viral thanks to TikTok!

On TikTok anything can happen, just think that 4 years ago it did not even exist, and in the last 12 months the users have tripled all over the world, and with no exception..

How we work on TikTok: we promote your song through our TikTokers network, one of the most followed in the country of your choice, and they will use it to produce one or more thematic videos.

In order to create a trend, we hire choreographers who will study an ad hoc ballet for your song, which will then be replicated by dozens of TikTokers, thus creating a viral effect that will lead your song to be used by thousands of users.

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We collaborate with the best Spotify playlist curators. We have access to a network of independent playlists where you can promote your song


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We analyze your Instagram profile and help you create engaging contents to promote your image as an artist

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