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Artist Portal Online is all about promoting singers, bands and producers.

We guide you step by step to bring your song to success.

Thanks to the professionals of our team, we have helped hundreds of artists on the road to success. We provide online marketing services and support artists during the promotion process on digital platforms: Spotify, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok.

About us

Artist Portal is all about music promotion.

We are a team of professionals with years of experience in the music business, radio broadcasting and live booking.

We have brought dozens of artists to successful talent shows as X-Factor, to sign contracts with the Majors and independent record companies, and to get massive exposure on Spotify editorial playlists.

We specialize in providing 360-degree services to support artists, producers and record labels in the promotion of their songs in today’s record market, which is evolving faster and faster.

We have a network of contacts with the most important radio pluggers, Spotify playlist curators, DJs and press offices.

Our services

All our services: Spotify Playlist, Youtube Promo, Instagram and TikTok, Promo Radio, Distribution, Management, Booking, Press office and record production


We collaborate with the best Spotify playlist curators. We have access to a network of independent playlists where you can promote your song


Thanks to our experience, your video will benefit from an effective Google Ads campaign and quickly get the best performances


We analyze your Instagram profile and help you create content to promote your image as an artist


We collaborate with the most followed TikTokers. We have access to a network of TikTokers who will use your song in their videos

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