How to use Instagram to promote your music.

More than a billion people use Instagram daily. This makes you understand how important it is for an artist to be active on this social network to promote their music and expand their audience.

We share with you some tricks to keep your fanbase active, reach new fans and promote your music.

How to use Instagram for music promotion.

The potential of Instagram for promoting your songs is simply huge.

We have created a guide with simple tips and tricks you can use to better promote your music on this popular social network.

Here are the basic things to do on Instagram.

Let’s take a step-by-step guide to promoting your music on Instagram.

Are you ready? Let’s start!

1. Keep your profile up to date

When users land on your Instagram profile, the first thing they will see is your profile picture and bio. Choose an attractive profile picture that reflects you and use the bio to tell who you are. Don’t forget to add the link to your Spotify profile or to your latest release!

2. Use Insta Stories, Highlights and IGTV to tell something about your creative process

Insta Stories have the advantage of being very dynamic and allow you to tell something more about yourself and your creative process. They are a very effective way to stay in touch with your audience, and you can use them to ask questions or propose mini surveys. Furthermore, you can include your songs in the Insta Stories and add the most significant Stories in the Highlights of the profile, so they will always be visible. For longer or more complex videos you can use the IGTV or Reels channel which is currently the best way to be indexed and shown by the Instagram algorithm.

3. Follow a thread for your posts

The posts are more static than a video or an Insta Story, for this reason try to post photos that capture important moments of your daily journey as an artist, such as photos of a tour, of a day spent in the recording studio, or with the musicians of your band.

4. Use the most popular hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to tag a photo and make it reach thousands of people, even and especially those who don’t know you or don’t follow you yet. Look for the most used and most relevant hashtags to your musical genre, you can use a maximum of 30 per post!

5. Tell who you are!

So far, you have told your audience what kind of artist you are, but don’t forget your journey as a person. Your fans will be happy if you want to share with them something about yourself, your private life, and your most important moments. This will create empathy and a special connection with your followers.

6. Schedule posts

To grow your profile it is very important to be constant and post daily. The best way is to prepare a weekly schedule with a list of contents you want to post. This will help you to have a working method and to be more effective in achieving results, but above all, not to get lost along the way. Among our services, we also provide advice for Instagram: a social media manager will support you in creating high quality contents, analyzing the performance of your profile and suggesting the most effective strategies.

7. Put the links of your social networks on your Spotify profile

Remember to add the direct links to all your social networks also on your Spotify profile page, so it will be easier to reach you and all your online profiles will be interconnected. On your Spotify profile, in addition to the links of your social profiles, you can add a bio, the calendar of your concerts, lots of photos, a real photo gallery, as long as the pictures are JPG or PNG up to a maximum of 20MB. To manage the Spotify profile page, you will need to be registered on Spotify For Artist, here is the link to claim your artist profile:

8. Analyze the progress of your posts

Try to pay attention to how your audience react to your posts. If you notice that a post or story has a lot of interactions, receiving a lot of likes and comments, focus on proposing more content of that type, obviously trying not to become repetitive.

9. Use sponsored posts and ADS campaigns

A great way to grow your audience and gain new fans or followers is to set up a sponsored campaign. Each post can be sponsored, it is important to identify the type of post that best suits the message you want to convey. It is important to work carefully on the segmentation of campaigns on Instagram, for each sponsored post a precise target audience, gender or age must be defined, even better to choose the geolocation for specific areas or cities, such as for example to increase the ticket sales for a concert or an event. This will make it easier to reach users who will be genuinely interested in your profile and music. Do you want to know more about sponsored campaigns? Contact us, we will help you!

10. What to avoid: buy followers!

While it may seem like the fastest way to increase your audience and make yourself known, it is not recommended to buy fake followers. Instagram measures the quality of your posts based on the likes they receive in relation to the number of followers. Buying fake and therefore inactive followers, your posts will only receive a like from your real followers, who will still be too few compared to the total number of followers. Your posts will thus be ignored by the Instagram algorithm and will remain hidden.

Final thoughts on how to use Instagram to promote your music.

Instagram today is one of the social media that guarantees greater visibility and for artists it is one of the most effective platforms in converting followers into listeners on Spotify. What is really important is to be constant, post quality content and be supported by professionals to find an effective strategy that represents you in your artistic path.

Visit the page dedicated to the promotion on Instagram if you want to know more about how to promote your profile and your music!

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